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How to get the BEST cruise rates!  Get into a group!  I have pre-formed groups or you can create your own and sail with friends and families.  You don't need your entire family, only 8-10 cabins to form a group and I promise you once word gets out in the family about the wonderful time you had, the memories you shared and the rate you got, your group will get bigger.  The bigger the group, the more perks you get!

Vacationing together not only gives you the opportunity to share the experience; but it let's you extend your vacation as you reminisce when you arrive back home.  Nothing will bring your entire vacation back, like a look and a laugh because you know a secret about something that happened on vacation that those who did  not go, don't.  This will make them want to go next time!

Golf Travel
  • Highschool Graduation
  • Family Reunion
  • Photographers (take your business on board)
  • Artists, Painters, Dancers, Singers (karaoke!)
  • Girlfriends Gala
  • Guys Get-away
  • Siblings
  • Office Cooperate Retreats
  • Christmas
  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings (yep, there are several options).
Golf Travel

This is a list of the cruises I have active cabins held on at this time.  This can change at any time because this is a first come first serve basis.  The further out in advance you create your group the better the rates.  Ideally, forming a group 2 years in advance would give you the best value.

Cruise Groups you can Book into

Group #1823868

Royal Caribbean - Jewel of the Seas

11 Nights - Southern Caribbean

$500.00 Deposit


Group #3828397

Celebrity Cruises - Celebrity Reflection

8 Nights - Southern Caribbean

$200.00 Deposit

Celebrity Ascent - Aerials Offshore Florida Coast Line
Celebrity Cruises

****  SPRING BREAK  Please book ASAP to ensure you have a cabin!!!

Group #3111712

Royal Caribbean - Harmony of the Seas (a floating city)

7 nights - Western Caribbean

$50 - $200 Deposit

Voyager of the seas

Group #8737723

Royal Caribbean - Quantum of the Seas

7 Nights - Alaska from Seattle to Victoria, BC

$500 Deposit

Male Polar bear walks along the Canadian Shield rock along the Hudson bay in Churchill, Manitoba, CANADA.

Group #4047793

Royal Caribbean - Harmony of the Seas

16 Night - Trans-Atlantic

$1000 Deposit

(don't wait, this will sell out, EARLY)

Screenshot 2024-02-24 200901

Group #6203432

Celebrity Cruises - Celebrity Edge

9 Nights Hawaii to Vancouver BC

$500 Deposit